Beyonce's Beauty and Super Hot Body Are the Real Stars of Her New Pepsi Ad (VIDEO)

beyonceEver met someone who doesn't think Beyonce is hot? Me neither. Even toddlers are mesmerized by her bootyliciousness. But in case there are a few who haven't bought into Queen Bey's beauty reign, her new Pepsi ad will surely win them over. Check out the fun, 60 second spot where Beyonce has a dance-off with seven other Beyonce's, each more sexy than the other. It's too cool to miss!


This may be the most memorable soda ad of all time. It starts with the pop star in a rehearsal studio enjoying  -- you guessed it -- a nice cold Pepsi. Then, she is suddenly confronted with iconic images of herself from the past. Of course she breaks into her most fierce and memorable dance move from the "Single Ladies" video.

It was like seeing a collection of perfectly coiffed and seductively dressed Beyonce's all in one room. But the present-day image is clearly the hottest and most confident. I think that is an image she's especially proud to exude now the she is a mom. She has really come into her own physically and emotionally since giving birth to Blue Ivy. And that body! Has their ever been a better post-baby bod? How in the world did she sculpt those thighs? She looks amazing.

Though just as cool as the effects and the dance moves is the message the commercial leaves us with. At the end she says, "Embrace your past but live for now." We may not have a past as fab as Beyonce's but that's definitely advice everyone can appreciate and use, don't you think?

What do you think of Beyonce's new Pepsi ad?

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