Britney Spears & Boyfriend Spotted Looking Sloppy in Public, the Poor Things

britney spearsGet out the Clorox y'all, because this post is dirty. Britney Spears and her new, normal, regular Joe boyfriend David Lucado were photographed after doing a little shopping at a Vons store in L.A. and good god, I think I got bed bugs just from looking at them. Britney is wearing a soft pink t-shirt, black leggings, UGGS, and a red SCRUNCHIE. David is wearing a Virginia Tech tee, plaid shorts, and sneakers.

I am literally offended by their outfits. Literally. Offended.

I supported our dear Britney's alleged style transformation when she started dressing like a respectable human being who's cognizant that she's in the spotlight, and I'm currently aghast that my encouragement wasn't enough to keep her on the fashionable train. I'm also offended by David's shirt. As a UVA fan, I have zero tolerance for displays of the Hookie nature.

But this is the last time I will allow myself to react to Britney Spears' "style." I will not get my hopes up next time she brushes her hair and puts on an item of clothing that was found in a store and not in the give-away pile outside a Louisiana elementary school. I will not declare, neither inwardly or outwardly, that she's on a new path of cleanliness, that her fresh, polished look is any indication that she's not fucking crazy anymore.

Because, m'friends, lesson LEARNED. Britney will always be one shower and a clean pair of sweats away from being presentable in public, and that's OK. For her. I guess.

Do you, Britney, do you.

Are you surprised that Britney went back to sweatsville, USA after being so glammed up for X Factor?


Photo via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar Dana

I live in Roanoke, VA and see people dressed like him all the time. It's not lazy, just comfortable. Honestly I don't see anything wrong with it but maybe that's because we're both from similar places and don't need to dress up to run to the store.

Vegeta Vegeta

They have to dress up to ho grocery shopping to impress you? I'd grocery shop naked if only to spite sanctimonious people like you.

Irela... Ireland69

WOW really get a life!  she can dress anyway she wants to!!!

Kimbyann Kimbyann

Huh . Scrunchies are bad? The other day a post was written saying scrunchies are good. So confused

Andi Dodd

I. Uhhh. Wow?  So she's a star that dresses like a normal person, and that offends you? This coming from the chick who lets her 9 year old go a week without a shower.  Normally I'm not judgy, but this is rediculous.

Erin Dameron

How dare they go out in public and look like normal people! The shame! 

t0xxic t0xxic

She has on makeup, her hair is pulled back, & she is wearing a bra and your mad? Stay mad babe bc her millions run circles around your tiny salary and her body blows yours out of the water.

Jacobet Jacobet

Wow you are a snob

amomm... amommy2jack

judgemental much?  and its the Virginia Tech Hokies, not Hookies...I think they look fine and you are a snob.

thing... thingz123

We all have sloppy times. Who died and made you Stacey London, anyway? I have a closet full of cute, fashionable clothes, but I sure as hell don't put them on to grab laundry detergent at the grocery store. I may not waste them to play catch with my sons or plant flowers, either.  Back up off of her.

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