Brandi Glanville Finally Shows Cleavage Off Gracefully

brandi glanvilleBrandi Glanville isn't shy about, well, anything, the least of which is showing some skin. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star attended Bravo's upfronts in New York City this week and basically dressed like a figure skater for the event, which was almost appropriate, since the red carpet was a blue carpet, and kind of looked like ice. Brandi did her best Nancy Kerrigan impersonation (does that reference date me? I'm scared it does) in a firecracker orange lace dress with a frilly skirt and plunging neckline. All I was hoping she'd say was "toe pick!" but alas, no luck.


Here's the thing, though. If Brandi's going to continue to walk around half naked (something I, for the most part, support) at least she's getting a little more tasteful about it. This is the best she's looked in recent memory, even if her dress' neckline is so deep it goes all the way down to her belly-button.

I mean, it's a huge improvement over that horrible "gown" she wore to the Oscars. It's like she put on a dinner napkin. I'm sure when she took it off and it was laying on the floor, her maid picked it up and folded it into a swan and put it on the kitchen table.

So I'll take this Nancy Kerrigan ensemble and in fact, I kind of love it. Also, there's a nude, mesh lining that covers her neck to her stomach -- it's extra figure-skatey that way, which, just, awesome.

Looking good, Brandi. Looking good.

Do you like this dress on her?


Photo via Craig Barritt/Getty

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