Vicki Gunvalson Likes Her New Face & That’s What Matters

vicki gunvalsonVicki Gunvalson and her new face seem to be getting on just swimmingly. The Real Housewives of Orange County star appeared to have a difficult time doing things like moving her jaw and talking in the season premiere of the show, but apparently everything has "settled in" now, and Vicki's feeling less "dried out", as she visually put it. Gunvalson had a chin implant, cheek implants, got her nose thinned out, and had some of the fat from her body injected into her face. The whole kit and caboodle. She's hoping her new head makes her look "a bit younger and brighter." (Aren't we all, sister?)

I'm not quite sure what I think of Vicki's plastic surgery just yet, as, let's be honest, things were weird in the RHOOC premiere. But I do tend to think she looks more "how old is that woman?" now, as opposed to "wow, that lady looks great for 51!". But hey, if it makes her happy, who am I to say anything? Like she said -- her face, her money.


When you're a "celebrity" and you go out and do something drastic to your appearance, the reality is, people are going to talk. And if you're on a reality show with a bunch of catty women who have also had plastic surgery, they're going to talk about you. On camera. And to websites and tabloids. But here's the thing: Vicki's new face may not be your cup of tea, but who cares? It's not your face, is it? You do what you want with your face and Vicki will do what she wants with hers.

Is Vicki sending a positive message to females across the world? Hell no she isn't. But let me ask you this: Would she be sending a positive message to females across the world if she didn't get plastic surgery? That would be a hell no, too. Have you seen the Housewives franchise?

So, Vicki, if you like your new chin, cheeks, nose, forehead, and whatever other skin is left, good for you. If you feel good about yourself, that's the most important thing there is.

But may I advise you against going online for a few weeks?

What do you think of Vicki's new look?


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