Hayden Panettiere's Breasts Magically Double in Size & We Think We Know Why (PHOTOS)

Hayden PanettiereShe's definitely one of the most petite stars in Hollywood, and that's why it's pretty impossible not to notice the fact that Hayden Panettiere's breasts seem to have doubled in size recently.

I mean, check out this photo of her in Miami wearing an itty-bitty string bikini. Are those babies noticeably larger than they've been in previous bathing suit shots of her, or what?

They're full. They're perky. And they appear to be a good, solid "B" cup, which is a definite upgrade from the size they've resembled in previous years. Which means she probably had a boob job.


Still not convinced that Ms. Hayden went under the knife? Check out this photo of her from a few years ago.

 Hayden Panettiere

Don't her breasts look much bigger now than they did back then? I'm no plastic surgeon, nor do I have any sort of medical expertise -- but I'm pretty sure we're looking at an enhancement, here.

And if Hayden did decide to have a little work done -- good for her. You know what? I don't blame her one bit.

It's obvious from the new bikini pics that she's extremely confident and content, so more power to her for taking the plunge and going up a cup size (or two) -- if she really did, of course.

And I guess whether or not she had a boob job is up for debate, because her breasts still look very natural even if they are completely fake. They are still well proportioned to the rest of her small frame, so it's not like they're weighing her down or anything like that.

It always looks so strange to me when petite women get huge breast implants that make them look like they'll topple over at any minute. Instead, they should follow Hayden's example (again, assuming she did have a boob job) and go bigger -- but not too big.

Heck, if Hayden hadn't been photographed in bikinis in the past, no one would even suspect she'd had her "girls" done.

(Isn't that the idea? To make people think your boobs are naturally big?)

Do you think Hayden got breast implants?


Images via Splash/Pacific Coast News

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