‘RHOOC’ Star Vicki Gunvalson’s Insane Plastic Surgery Actually Makes Her More Likeable

vicki gunvalsonVicki Gunvalson, Real Housewives of Orange County  gangsta, can't move her face. The 51-year-old reality star and insurance agent went under the knife recently to inject body fat into her face, have her nose trimmed down, and receive a chin implant. All the plastic surgery has made Vicki look more than a little frozen, but she's the first to admit it.

Which, as any fan of the series will know, is a rare tack for a Housewife. When it comes to "alleged" plastic surgery, most cast members are like Wayne Blackshear in the paint: deny, deny, deny.

Take RHOC lady Gretchen Rossi. The woman's not even 35 yet and her face is more frozen and more full of unnatural perservatives than the hot dogs in m'freezer. But she'd never admit it. As a matter of fact, she vehemetly denied lip injections during one reunion show  like she was defending herself allegations that she raped a squirrel. NO! YOU'RE CRAZY! I NEVER DID THAT!

Gretchen, mind you, had no problem sharing with viewers the death of her cancer-stricken fiance but, interestingly enough, chose to draw the privacy line at admitting to plastic surgery.

I say kudos to Vicki for being open and upfront about her new face. It's nice to see someone have a sense of humor about the inherently hilarious choice to suck fat out of your ass and inject it into your fucking face.

You go, Vicki and your numb face. You go.

What do you think?


Photo via bravotv.com

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nonmember avatar kaerae

The only surgery that would make this beast tolerable is the removal of her voice box.

Kelly Moser

you go viki love ya lots

Donna L. Barksdale

I really didn't like Vicki in the past.....but I will def.. give her the benifit of the doubt and see what's she's like this season.....  There are people who just need to see how nasty they have been to turn themselves around.....I wish some of thee other Housewives could do this.... Especially one who is on NJ HW....she has 2 sons and a daughter....Need I say More?  She is the Evil Twin of the Old Vicki....I hope Vicki is fun this season.... I love most of the Girls on there....  

Joanne Hester

I am liking Vicky more. Heather and Tamara and Gretchen can take their fake authenticity and sell it to some one who is buying it. They give new meaning to hypocrite.

Barbara Schuima

I was never a Vicky fan...too pushy and too loud but I am reconsidering this year.Tamra did her wrong and Slade's comments must have cut her to the bone to consider plastic surgery.....timing is everything. I will let the season play out and see.NEVER thought I'd say this but "I'm going to give Vicky a chance this season ". Some people can change...we'll see.

nonmember avatar grizzam

She's crazy for having all that surgery and she makes it seem likes it's no big deal. Just a tiny little tweak over the summer. But, she does actually look better after the surgery...


nonmember avatar Nathan p.

Gretchen is gorgeous! That's all I got.

Jenny... JennyG0929

I thought she was adorable before and looked good for 51. Now she just looks like an older woman that had plastic surgery.

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