Reese Witherspoon Goes Brunette & Looks Nothing Like Herself Anymore

Reese WitherspoonNooooo! In what is hopefully not a permanent move, Reese Witherspoon has gone brunette -- and now she really doesn't look a thing like Reese Witherspoon anymore.

See this beautiful blonde in the picture? The one we all know and love and wish we could be more like? Yeah, she's gone -- at least for the time being.

Apparently she made the major color switch for her role in the upcoming film, The Good Lie, so I guess we can breathe a sigh of relief if she only did it for the sake of the film.


But let's hope she immediately goes back to her trademark blond locks the minute shooting wraps up -- like she did after she was done with Walk the Line. Reese dyed her locks brown for her June Carter Cash role too, but by the time the movie premiered, she was back to the blond bombshell we're all accustomed to.

As someone who has been a blonde for most of her adult life, I totally understand the temptation to take the leap and darken things up for a change. I've gone brunette twice over the past couple of years, and both times, I loved it for a few weeks, but then started feeling sort of frumpy and blah.

I know this sounds crazy, but I swear having brown hair made me kind of miserable and depressed -- though I didn't realize my darker locks were the source of my discontentment at the time.

But then after having my stylist throw a bunch of highlights in my hair at my last appointment, it's like I suddenly came out of a coma or something. I instantly felt like me again, and I've been so much happier with the person I see staring back at me in the mirror each morning.

And I'm going to do my best to remember how much better I feel as a blonde when next winter rolls around, because I'm sure I'll start feeling the urge to go dark again (someone please stop me if I do).

Huh. Maybe I should make a mental note to take a long hard look at Reese's before and after pictures before I decide being brunette will be different "this time around."

Do you feel better about yourself if you stick to a certain hair color?


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