Britney Spears' Easter Dress May Be Her Worst Fashion Disaster (PHOTO)

Britney Spears, mom, sonSigh. I know she probably tried her best, but Britney Spears' Easter dress looked more like something one would wear to a wake or funeral than to church on Sunday morning.

Brit and her two boys joined her mother and sister Jamie Lynn and her fiance for the Easter service in her home state of Louisiana, and even though she went to the trouble of putting on something a bit more formal, you know, for the sake of church, y'all -- she really overdid things just a tad.

Let's start with the dress.


Um, what's with the black, lacy pattern? Again, I'm feeling the whole funeral vibe, here -- don't ask me why. I mean, if you're going to wear black on Easter, at least jazz it up with a little pop of color somewhere. (Anywhere.)

The style of the frock is just way, WAY too heavy for this particular holiday -- to the point where it makes me want to weep instead of rejoice.

And that brings us to the boots -- which simply do not go with this dress, like at all. If it was a bit too chilly in Louisiana for heels or sandals, then she probably should've opted to wear a shorter dress with high boots (always a fashionable option), or perhaps she should've gone for nice slacks and a pretty blouse?

And another thing -- she's worked so, so hard to get her body back into amazing shape. (Oh yes, she has). Did you see the pics of Britney in a striped bikini that turned up last week? If I had a body like that, I certainly wouldn't want to wear something that didn't do my figure justice.

But I guess we really shouldn't be all that surprised, being that she's Britney Spears, and all. Her style is anything but predictable, and she obviously wears whatever she wants whenever she wants without worrying about what anyone thinks. And if that means wearing funeral-esque attire to attend church on Easter Sunday, who am I to criticize her?

What do you think of Brit's Easter look?


Image via Splash

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