Macy's Catalog Typo Gives Customers $1,500 Necklace for $47 (VIDEO)

macys catalog typIn what many would call a happy accident, a lucky group of customers wound up buying a $1,500 sterling silver and 14-karat necklace for $47, thanks to a Macy's catalog typo. The necklace, which was marked as a "Super Buy", was actually on sale, but there was supposed to be a "9" after the "47", making the necklace nearly $500, not under $50. For those who got the jewelry at the crazy discounted price, congrats. You, 1, Macy's 0. But for the copywriter who missed the typo -- well, this is awkward, isn't it? (He or she has since been fired.)


Despite there being a battalion of happy necklace deal-getting folk (and one hungry copywriter), there are a few customers, like Robert Bernard, who almost got the discount -- and then didn't -- and are bummed out about the whole situation. (You know what it's like when you get your hopes up, only to have them dashed, guys, right? It would have been better if you didn't know about the thing in the first place!) Bernard waltzed into his local Macy's, trying to buy the necklace for his wife, only to be told it was sold out, and it would have to be ordered for him. But before the necklace made its way into Bernard's discount-loving paws, the powers that be at Macy's caught the mistake, and, womp womp, no fancy neckwear for the Mrs. Only a $47 refund. Bernard said: "I'm very, very bothered by it because I don't want anybody else to feel the way I feel."

Look, let's just get this out there: This necklace is ugly. And if you're only willing to spend $47 on it, you can't love it that much. Ask yourself this, Bernard: Would you be willing to spend double that? Would you part with $100 for this? I think not. And not because you think that's too much to spend on your wife. I know you love her. Because, despite its precious metals, it's just not cute.

For those disappointed that they didn't score the deal, a word of advice: Go to H&M or Express and pick up two pieces of jewelry for the same price. They may not last as long at the Macy's necklace -- heck, they may fall apart after one night -- but at least they won't be so gaudy.

And, hey, good luck, copywriter!

Have you ever gotten a crazy discount by accident?



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