'Actresses Without Teeth' Is the Scariest Thing You'll Ever See

kristen stewart
Kristen Stewart without teeth.
Have you ever wondered what some of Hollywood's biggest stars would look like toothless? Wonder no more. Some ingenious folks with great Photoshopping skills have solved the mystery. Introducing Actresses Without Teeth. It's just what it sounds like, but, like, a thousand times scarier.


Their empty mouths make them look like they want to eat me. It just looks like without teeth, their jaws are hinge-less and could wrap around my entire head before they swallow me whole. Don't eat me, Angelina Jolie!

The most interesting thing about this, though, is the realization that teeth are an enormous part of a person's appeal. They really are a feature that can make or break a person's level of attractiveness, which is why, I'm sure, teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry is a multibillion-dollar industry.

We spend a ton of money making sure our teeth are pearly, straight, and healthy-looking, and it's no wonder. Without them, as these poor celebrity guinea pigs have pointed out, we'd look like hungry zombies ready and willing to swallow unsuspecting schoolchildren. We'd also look old and senile and as if we smelled like creamed corn, hashbrowns, cabbage soup, baby food, overripe bananas, oatmeal (the kind sans raisins), and other non-chewy delicacies.

So, kids. Brush your teeth, because even the most beautiful people in the world look absolutely terrifying without them.

Scary, right?


Photo via actresseswithoutteeth/Instagram

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