Britney Spears Has a Good Excuse for Her Rat's Nest Hair (PHOTO)

britney spearsBefore I became a mom, I had the time to do luxurious things like blow dry my hair, put on makeup, and go to the bathroom in peace. But now that I have a child of my own, I can look at the photo to the left of Britney Spears and her rat's nest hair and say: I feel you, sister.


If you have vision, you'll notice that it looks like Brit Brit needs to get her hair did. Badly. Kind of looks like she hasn't seen a brush or shampoo or anything having any remote association with hair in weeks. And while it's always fun to have a chuckle at celebs' expenses, for the first time in my life, I genuinely relate to Britney here. My hair often looks like I brushed it with a piece of haddock these days, too.

I'd heard it a million times as the go-to excuse from moms back when I was childless. And at the time, I kind of thought, Suuuure you don't have time to do your hair. Don't kids take naps and whatnot? As far as excuses go: Whack. But now that I'm a mom, I get it. I freaking get it, dude! You really don't have time for much. And if you do, you're probably not going to spend it running a comb through your hair, Marcia Brady-style.

So, Britney, despite the fact that you have more money than I can ever fathom, and you have people who do your hair and makeup for you, you're off the hook in my book. You're a mom. But as far as those pants go, you're on your own, girl. I don't know what the balls is happening there.

Do you have less time to primp now that you're a mom?


Image via Splash

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