Snooki's Bikini Body Is So Hot You Have to See It to Believe It (PHOTO)

Snooki bikiniWhoa! After seeing Nicole Polizzi, a.k.a. Snooki, flaunt her bikini body by sharing pics of herself posing in two new sexy suits on Instagram -- it's probably time to retire the "I'm a mom and can't pull off looking hot in a swimsuit" excuse once and for all.

(I mean -- just look at her!)

She's dropped 42 pounds after having baby Lorenzo last August, and to look at her now, you'd never peg her as the mom of a 7-month-old.

I don't care whether you're a Snooki fan or not -- you gotta give her credit for working hard and getting her body back into fantastic shape, which is definitely not an easy task.


You really can't blame her for being proud of her thin body and wanting to show it off a little -- who wouldn't?

But even though she's obviously thrilled with her svelte figure and is excited to show her fans how much progress she's made, she really went about it in a tasteful way.

Yes, both of these swimsuits are sexy, but they're both still appropriate beach attire for a mom.

Let's talk about the two-piece first. OMG. I'm loving this one! I want it. It's so flattering how it sits higher on her waist, and also covers a bit more on the bottom -- almost like a little skirt. It's cute, trendy, a little bit retro, and perfect for a mom with a baby in tow. (And I'm pretty sure it's the same suit she wore on her recent People cover.)

And then there's the monokini, which somehow looks so hot without any sort of trash factor. I haven't tried this particular style, but I can't help but wonder if it's the perfect post-baby choice, simply because it covers up a little bit more of your mid-section. It's like it hides your problem areas (not that Snooki has any) without sacrificing sex appeal.

Whether she plans on hanging out at the Jersey Shore this summer, or choosing a more exotic destination that she can certainly afford thanks to her reality TV fame -- Snooki is going to be one seriously hot mama on the beach.

Which of these two suits is your favorite?


Image via Instagram

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