Amanda Bynes Hides Under a Shirt but Still Can't Escape Her Hideous Outfit (VIDEO)

Amanda BynesIt's a bird! It's a plane! Wait, no -- it's actually Amanda Bynes wandering around Times Square with a shirt over her head. (Um, excuse me?)

Let's see, where shall I begin -- I'm honestly not sure how to go about describing whatever is going on here.

I guess I'll just start over. Amanda Bynes was caught on video walking all over Times Square with a blue shirt completely covering her head. And based on how ridiculous the rest of her attire is, I'm not sure why she didn't opt to cover her entire body from head to toe instead.

And what's really strange is it's not the first time she's attempted to go incognito by throwing something over her head, as you can see in the photo at left taken back in November. (It's her signature move, I guess.)


Take a look at Amanda's most recent horrific ensemble in this video, and then we'll discuss.

What. The. Heck? Again -- where do I start? Ok, let's begin with the obvious, the shirt over her head. I can't decide if she's simply hiding from the paparazzi who are following her, or she's just so self-conscious about her appearance right now that she doesn't want any pictures taken.

And that brings us to the outfit she's wearing -- uhhhhh whaaaaa??

Is that a velvet skirt? Was it made from the curtains of a sleazy hotel room? I just don't get it.

And the floral bustier paired with the velvet skirt is even more bizarre. Um, didn't anyone tell her that gold trim and flowers don't really work well together?

Let's move on to her shoes, which look like Keds -- worn with what appear to be a pair of footies that may or may not have come from her grandmother's sock drawer. (Do I really have to say anything else?)

And don't even make me comment on the furry jacket.

This poor girl needs a stylist, stat. Or a reality check. Or a full-length mirror. Actually, she needs all of the above.

What do you make of this atrocious outfit?


Image via Splash

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