‘RHOC’ Star Vicki Gunvalson Gets a New Face for Season 8 (PHOTOS)

rhocPre-plastic surgery.The Real Housewives of Orange County returns to our TV sets on April 1, and while we're already aware there will be one new face on the show, I've just learned that there will be another, as well. Vicki Gunvalson, a veritable tent pole in the Bravo franchise, has gotten some plastic surgery. According to reports, the 50-year-old insurance agent had her chin and nose done after hearing that skeezy asshole Slade Smiley call her Miss Piggy during an aired comedy routine.


rhocPost-plastic surgery.

It's not like Vicki's going against tradition here -- I'd venture a guess that more Housewives have plastic surgery than those who don't -- but it's just all kind of sad.

The woman is in her 50s yet she still hasn't learned to love herself. I mean, she doesn't even have enough confidence or self-worth to kick that disgusting man-child Brooks Ayers to the curb. 20/20 did a special on him being a complete liar and a fraud, yet she's still dating him? That's remarkable.

And so is this new face of hers. It'd be one thing if she did it for herself, but it sounds like she allegedly did it because she took a comment some super lame fame-whore made in a "comedy" show to heart.

Who knows, though. She allegedly got a "divorce do-over" facelift of sorts that cost $11,000 -- maybe it was for her, and not her haters. Here's hoping.


What do you think of Vicki's plastic surgery?


Photo via BravoTV and Splash News

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