Sofia Vergara Dyes Her Hair Blond Because She Wants to Stop Faking It (PHOTO)

Sofia Vergara blondI think Sofia Vergara is a hoot. Her new hairstyle, though? Anything but a joke. The Modern Family star went back to her roots yesterday, returning to lighter blond locks and shared a photo on Instagram. "I'm ready for summer!" the star captioned, and dayum, she sure is.

Vergara dyed her hair brown to conform to the standard hot Latina stereotype back when she started acting. Sure, I think she looks like a fox with darker strands, but the blonde totally suits her. It's comical, really, not very often that you see a blonde trying to be a brunette, eh?

Looks like Sofia is just trying to change things up for the new season and embrace the real her, and hey, I can't blame her! Besides, summer's totally a time to experiment beauty-wise. I think that's something we can all agree on.


I too recently lightened my hair preparing for warmer temperatures and bright clothing. It's a fun change to make when you're preparing to be doused with sunlight instead of winter gloominess.

Looking for a way to mix things up for warmer weather but not willing to go for a drastic change? Not to fret, you don't need to. There are loads of ways to mix things up without completely doing a hair color 180.

Highlights are always a simple change, and if you're scared about getting the root line, then opting for ombre is always an easy fix. With the ombre style, the color will slowly grow out of your hair without leaving any weird remnants behind. Not into dyeing your locks at all? Not an issue. Summer heat makes going short MUCH easier and MUCH more low maintenance. Give it a try. Who knows, you may love it and never go back!

What do you think of Sofia as a blonde? Like it or hate it?


Image via Instagram

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