Britney Spears' Bikini Body Is So Perfect It's Painful


Britney Spearsk bikiniI'm not sure exactly what kind of diet and lifestyle changes she's made in recent months, but after seeing a new photo of Britney Spears' bangin' bikini body, it's clear that she's taking very good care of her physique these days.

I mean, she really looks better than she ever has -- and even more toned and fit than she was in the shot at left, which was taken back in 2009.

And even though the hot pink suit she wore then was incredibly flattering, the new retro, striped two-piece she was spotted wearing at a friend's house in Malibu does even more for her buff bod. (And the new bling adorning her belly button is a nice touch too.)

Yes, I know Britney is a celebrity mom, and plenty of celeb moms look amazing in bikinis, so it's not like her slim figure should come as a huge shock. However, Britney hasn't always been in this kind of shape over the past few years, so it's obvious that she's committed to whatever sort of exercise regime she happens to be on.

And now I guess the rest of us really have no good excuse for not looking svelte on the beach this summer. (Man. Total buzz kill.)

If Britney Spears can clean up her act and whip herself into tip-top shape even though she's a mom of two, then certainly all of us can do the same, right?

Forget skirted "mom" tankinis and one-pieces -- let's all shoot for the full-on Britney skimpy bikini by the time summer rolls around. It really won't be all that hard. All we have to do is hire a personal trainer and squeeze in a few more hours to work out each week, maybe hire a personal chef and/or nutritionist, and find someone to take care of our kids while we're doing all that. Oh yeah, and having an unlimited bank account would probably help too. (Piece of cake.)

How do you think Britney manages to keep her body in perfect bikini shape?


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Miriam Kennedy

She dances full time and works out as well. Duh. And at her worst she didn't look any worse than me, it's just relative. 

nonmember avatar blue

Well, I hardly think it's perfect, but she looks nice. She has a whole lot of people helping her, I assume. Personal trainers, chefs, assistants, etc.

stara... starandseen

I like her quote that exercising every day would be horrible, so 3x a week is cool, even 2x.

To answer the question, the old fashioned way: eat right and exercise. I truly wonder how much help celebrities get and people keeping them accountable.

There are plenty of average people in the world who eat right and exercise, so why don't they look slim and toned?

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