Madonna's Makeup-Free Look Is Her Most Shocking Yet

madonnaMadonna is 54 years old, but you'd never know that judging from how the pop empress looks whenever she hits the stage or the screen. Everyone knows she's in extremely, almost too good (is that possible?), totally enviable shape. But that doesn't mean she isn't still, well, human.

A recent photo of the Material Girl stepping out in NYC looks like the kind of snapshot tabloids with the "Celebs ... they're just like us!" columns would kill for. Because, OMG, did she look her age! Or sheesh, maybe even ... dare I say it ... older?! Ouch.


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Dressed in a heavy black winter coat, a black fedora with her hair tucked underneath, black sunglasses, black booties, and black leather gloves, Madge was apparently on her way to rob a bank the Kabbalah center in Manhattan with her littlest kiddos David and Mercy, according to the New York Daily News. Aww. So, in other words, she was just makin' like a regular mom around town on a weekend.

But that shouldn't leave us any less breathless seeing what she looks like sans makeup, falsie eyelashes, flattering lighting, and/or PhotoShop. This is MADONNA we're talking about! She's built 75 percent (some might argue 100) of her career on a sexy, age-defying image. Oh well! The shoe was bound to drop at one time or another. But hey, hopefully she'll embrace it, because that's life. No one can -- or should! -- keep pretending they're 25 forever.

What do you think about Madonna's stunning makeup-free appearance?


Image via Piko Press/Splash

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