‘Offensive’ Dove Ad Pokes Hilarious Fun at Women’s Shampoo Commercials -- Hair Flip! (VIDEO)

dove commercialIs it just me, or are we working overtime at being offended these days? The latest target of our collective misguided outrage is this Dove shampoo ad out of Brazil. In it, a man has gorgeous, flowing, hair-commercial-worthy locks and his co-worker comes up to him and is all, "Did you do something with your hair? Because I see that women's shampoo commercial effect."


Startled by the comparison, he rushes to the store to buy the silver-colored men's hair care product line from Dove. After a shower, he's back to having short, "manly" hair.

The ad, as I see it, is intended to poke fun at the ridiculous women's shampoo ads that tell us it's OK to spend money on big ideas that promise to repair our split ends, give us more body, increase our volume, intensify our shine, supply more moisture, enhance our curls, prevent breakage, protect against heat, relax our frizz, or straighten our waves. I mean, come on. It's an industry that just begs satire.

The best part is, we all know what's inside the bottles are all the same, no matter if they're pink for women or gray for men or made for curly/straight/dry/whatever hair. That's what's so funny about it, really.

Watch the commercial and let me know: do you think it's offensive?


Photo via Andre Luiz/YouTube

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