LeAnn Rimes Wears Skimpy Shorts to Stepson's Little League Game

Joke all you want about stereotypical soccer mom style or lack thereof -- "mom jeans," bulky hooded sweatshirts, maybe even some high-top sneakers -- but certain celebrity mamas have really been pushing the envelope in terms of what's acceptable on the sidelines.

Britney Spears accidentally bared her butt when a gust of wind lifted the skimpy white shirt dress she wore to her sons' soccer game last week. This week, controversial country singer LeAnn Rimes chose a pair of shiny black Daisy Dukes and some high-heeled ankle booties for her stepson's little league game. What's up with stars dressing inappropriately for their kids' athletic events lately?


Let's look at these two specifically. Britney's getup is something we've seen before. High hemlines and furry ankle boots are kind of her go-to. Plus, she didn't mean to flash her bottom. But LeAnn's choice of outfits is a curious mix, isn't it?

Here's one explanation: the sweater and the boots came from another ensemble. And the shorts went with a different top. Maybe they were all strewn across her bedroom floor and she grabbed what she could without looking in the mirror, then ran out of the house to get to the early game on time.

Or maybe, since Ms. Rimes knows she's going to be photographed everywhere, even at her stepkids' sporting events, the off-duty family time was simply another opportunity to flaunt her assets and get folks talking.

LeAnn's in a well-documented, ongoing feud with Real Housewife Brandi Glanville, her husband Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife (whom he was still with when he and LeAnn got together). So maybe showing off her sexy legs is her way of sending a message. The thing is, just a few days earlier, Brandi bashed LeAnn for having "no boundaries" when it comes to her children. Does this getup only give Brandi more ammunition?

This look was a deliberate choice, not a wardrobe malfunction. Just saying.

Have you ever worn anything you regret to a kids' sporting event?

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