Kyle & Kim Richards’ Shorter Hair Stole the Show at the ‘RHOBH’ Reunion (PHOTO)

Kim RichardsIf you caught The Real Housewives of Beverly Reunion episode last night, you may have noticed a couple things: 1) Adrienne Maloof's glaring absence; 2) Bravo decided to mix it up on the couches, not dividing the girls up into sides (nice touch); and 3) Kyle and Kim Richards cut their hair! ZOMG, you guys! It really happened! Mark what you were doing at this very moment! You're going to want to tell your grandkids. 


No, but seriously, you can think what you want of the Sisters Richards, but there's no denying that the women have really nice hair. (God, did you see that sheen Kyle had going last night? Epic!) Since we were introduced to them, both Kyle and Kim have been known to sport locks for days (though I have questioned the authenticity of Kim's hair from time to time), and last night -- they appeared to have hacked a solid four inches off each. And it looked fantastic.

I'm all for long hair, regardless of age, but I'm also pro-mixing it up from time to time. If you've had super long locks forever, why not give them a little snippy snip just to avoid getting in a hair rut? And side note, shorter hair is all the rage these days. No, really, it is.

If Kyle and/or Kim are feeling any remorse about lopping a good chunk of their hair off, I wouldn't worry too much, if I were them. They look like the type who could ingest a few vitamins at bedtime, and have their old locks back by sunrise.

Have you ever regretted cutting your hair?


Image via Bravo

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