Khloe Kardashian Looks Almost Unrecognizable in Tight White Dress


khloe kardashianMariah may go back like babies and pacifiyahs, but it's Khloe Kardashian who's actually the girl who's on fiyah. The youngest of the Kardashian sisters, Khloe's always been known as the funny one, the smart-ass one, the one who's really tall. That, however, is changing. We heard that she was trying to transform her image to make sure she was invited back to host the X Factor, and after her appearance at the Kids' Choice Awards Sunday night, dayum. Khloe's certainly on her way.

The thing I love most about this look is that she went against the Kardashian grain and decided that less really is more.

In a simple white dress, simple strappy heels, and simple hair, Khloe let her natural beauty, and her toned-up figure, do allll the talking. Usually, the Kardashian girls are big believers in heavy makeup, extravagant hair, stilettos that cost more than most cars, and accessories the size of most babies. There's nothing about their glamorous yet overly-styled looks that says "effortless" or "breezy" or "comfortable", but Khloe's outfit here screams all those things.

She looks easy, comfy, uncomplicated, yet totally effing hot. Let this be a lesson to her sisters: showing your softer side is never a bad idea.

Kim's yet to learn this, though, as she continues to make the world wince when we see her walking around, five months pregnant, in pregnant-feet-pinching heels, leather skirts, and hair and makeup that just look to be more trouble than they're worth.

Khloe, on the other hand, knows what's up.

Do you like Khloe's look?


Photo via Christopher Polk/Getty

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nonmember avatar linda george

If all the K family followed Khloe they would be 3x as famous...a look that is inspiring and classy...a look to aspire to rather than make fun of.

coco_... coco_rose

She looks stunning always like her

Tamara Ordile

I think she looks gorgeous! Less is more! Keep it up look great!

nonmember avatar ds_mama

Isn't Alicia Keys the girl on 'fiyah'?

nonmember avatar dacoach

As Luke Bryan sings "Khloe makes my speakers go BOOM-BOOM". Now get rid of La-Loser

Jacquie Layne

She looks great and she has always been my favorite.

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