Katy Perry Wears Wild Bra Top to Kids' Choice Awards & The World Yawns (PHOTO)

katy perry Katy Perry attended the Kids' Choice Awards over the weekend, and unsurprisingly, she wore a crazy-patterned bralet/bikini/criss-crossy top kind of thing, along with a matching pencil skirt. She looked gorgeous, as she always does, with her hair glossy and her boobs bouncy, but also -- she looked Classic Katy.

I'm all for going with what you know looks good on yourself (and the sweatpants in my dresser drawers will attest to that), but Christ on a pogo stick, would it kill Katy, or anyone in Hollywood for that matter, to go a little outside the box once in a while? I'm getting bored over here!


Celebs like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj are known to take risks with their fashion choices and that's great, but every outfit doesn't need to be a fashion risk, a statement, or something sex-ay. Once in a while, it'd be nice to see Katy, Lady, or Nicki in something kind of plain. That's what's outside their box. Imagine seeing any of these ladies in the red carpet equivalent to a t-shirt and jeans? Or Gwyneth Paltrow in something more wild, less classy? Oh, the fun we'd have! The stories we'd tell our grandkids!

No, but seriously, there needs to be a wardrobe shake-up in Hollywood, and maybe even in my closet too for that matter. I'm talking the talk right now, but can't say I'm walking the walk, as pretty much every non-sweatpant-wearing day of my life, I'm in skinny jeans, a t-shirt, and a shirt over said t-shirt. It's bad. Maybe tomorrow I'll wear a blazer. Or a skirt. I know I'll hate every minute of it, but when I'm reunited with my "uniform", it will feel so good. And then Katy Perry can be like, "Why's Nicole always wearing that shit? It's so boring!" Or she can never acknowledge me and keep on making millions. I'm cool with either.

Do you ever dress out of your comfort zone?


Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty

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