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5 Horrible Fashions From the Early 2000s That Totally Make Us Cringe

nicole richieSince it's allegedly spring, many of us are allegedly thinking about doing some cleaning. I've started to change over my closets and, while doing so, happened to find a duffel bag full of things I haven't worn in years. Like, 10 years. And let's just say, if I'd had access to gas and a match, I would've been roasting marshmallows all over this bitch.

In that vein, here are 5 fashions from the early 2000s that should never, ever, again be seen in the light of day.


1The Whale Tail

Sisqo's "Thong Song" came out in February 2000, and for the better part of the first half of the decade, everyone thought it was cool to show the strings of your thong. Britney did it, Christina did it, we all did it. For shame on us.

2Velvet Track Suits

It may have been George Costanza's dream to be draped in velvet, but it became our collective living nightmare when the Juicy Couture velvet tracksuit became acceptable wear for errands, soccer games, dinners, and every.thing.else.


3Trucker Hats

Oh god, you guys. Remember trucker hats? I remember thinking I was the shit when I wore one that read World's Greatest Grandpa to a college football game. I disgust myself.



4Platform Flip-Flops

Let's just agree that the platform flip-flop had a good run and never, ever bring it up again.


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