Victoria's Secret Model Copies Kim Kardashian's Exact Outfit -- Down to the Shoes! (PHOTOS)

kim kardashian lily aldridge
Double vision.
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Victoria's Secret angel Lily Aldridge must really heart Kim Kardashian. The insanely gorgeous model recently stepped out in Kim's exact outfit from three weeks ago -- no, exact outfit. We're talking same dress, same jacket, same shoes, same underwear. Okay, I don't know if Lily's wearing Kim's underwear, but I wouldn't be surprised! This is kind of weird, you guys!

Okay, so Lily threw a hat on to mix things up a bit -- nice touch. And truthfully? If I had to pick "who wore it best", I'd say Lily did. But it definitely strikes me as a bit odd that she chose to style the dress identically to Kim. And there's no way she didn't see Kim wearing this prior -- the outfits are literally exact replicas. The dress and the leather jacket together could be chalked up to sheer coincidence, but the dress, the leather jacket, and the shoes are a dead giveaway.

I admit. I've "copied" other people's outfits before. An awesome girl I saw on the subway; a hip lady I pinned on Pinterest. But I typically will add my own "touch" to these replicas -- IE, I'll change the shoes; wear a different colored top; etc. Yeah, it's basically because I can't find exactly what I'm looking for (or can't afford it), but still. I change it.

All right, you know what, I'm not making any sense, as I, like Lily, clearly am an outfit copycat. Our only difference? Nobody gives a crap what I wear. See you in Us Weekly, Aldridge!

Do you ever imitate people's outfits?

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nonmember avatar Debbie

Looks a darn sight better on the model.

Laura Palmer

No one should have copied this outfit, or wore it the first place... that is the most disgusting dress I have ever seen.

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