Fake Eyelashes Made of Mink Fur Are the Latest Way to Get That Sexy, Sultry Look

aura lashesSuper long and thick eyelashes? Yes, please! I still wistfully recall the time I had those incredible eyelash extensions. Considering the cost, that's not something I could maintain. So in my quest for long lashes, I took my search for false eyelashes out of the beauty aisle and went into woods. Fur. Fur. Fur. What about minks? Here, minky minkys. Your hair is so soft and luxurious I want to make eyelashes out of you. Here, minky minkys. 

No minks were harmed for this post. I. Could. Never. I can't hunt in heels. That's just ridiculous. I did, however, test out Aura Lashes made from real mink fur.


If you made it this far into the post without freaking out thank you! You will be pleased to know that seriously no minks were harmed for this post of to make these lashes. Aura says that the fur is "collected and recycled during the shedding seasons of the mink animal thus causing no harm to these beautiful creatures." They are quite adorable. Like little ferrets with cute wittle ears and tiny wittle eyes. Look! A mink! Look at those little bow legs! Adorables!


As I stare at this little furry guy I'm thinking thank goodness humans don't grow hair that's as soft as a mink. If so, no one would shave anywhere ever. And there would be heavy petting in public all the time. My gosh! I just want to pet Mr. Minky here. Wearing him on my eyelashes is a little weird, maybe. But so is slathering chemicals all over ourselves and most of us have done that for years thinking that most lotions, shampoos, or mascaras weren't filled with toxins. Thankfully, we've wised up. Most of the time. We try, right?

Still, I love trying things in the name of beauty products. So here I am wearing mink. It's natural. Glued into place with the most natural glue I could find. Aura's mink lashes on the left. Just my mascara on the right.

On hello dramatic eye! Also in case you were wondering, the little mink furs collected are sterilized first and are hypo-allergenic. How to apply fake eyelashes is fairly simple: Just a little glue, a sort of steady hand, and patience to get them to fit above your natural lashes but on the lash line. I had to first trim them to fit my eyes. You can re-use your mink lashes around 25 times and they are so soft. As soft as a mink, of course. And as far as false eyelashes go, quite comfortable as well. Aura has seven different styles that vary in length and thickness, all $19 each . I'm wearing Girls Night Out in this photo. Check out the full line of Aura Lashes here.

What do you think of mink lashes?

Images via Michele Zipp, mink image via qmnonic/Flickr

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