Christina Aguilera's Stunning Makeover Is a Huge Relief (PHOTO)

christina aguileraDespite her penchant for skintight outfits, flaming red lips, rainbow-colored hair extensions, and sky-high hooker heels, I love Christina Aguilera. She was owning that look for a while there. But yeah, it wasn't exactly the best she's ever looked ... And perhaps she had some sort of epiphany about that recently, because at her latest public appearance -- for a screening of the premiere of the new season of The Voice -- she debuted her new makeunder ... complete with some pretty obvious, thankfully not at all extreme weight loss! Hallelujah, the woman doesn't look like Cyndi Lauper Jr. anymore!


The best part is that this transformation must be reflective of something going very right beneath the surface. Playing with different heavy makeup styles and vampy looks can be fun, sure, and when you're an entertainer like Christina is, it's all part of the job, too. But something about using a lighter hand with the mascara, opting for glowy over bronzed-to-the-max, and choosing a classic, figure-flattering LBD and pumps screams happy, healthy, and more confident than her previous look.

I'm sure the details of how and why she's made the transformation will be out soon, courtesy of a women's mag, and they'll be raving about Christina's "diet and exercise" plan (which, let's hope, is just eating clean and healty and working out more often than she used to and cutting out or limiting the liquor). But in the meantime, she still deserves a bravo. If you can rock the red carpet in a toned-down, natural look like this, it shows you're comfortable with yourself. What's not to love about that?

How do you feel about Christina's new look?


Image via Try CW/Splash News

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