Nicki Minaj Has Crazy Wardrobe Malfunction, Then Posts It Online (VIDEO)

nicki minajAnother day, another celebrity private part hanging out. Not much to see here, guys. Keep it moving. Unless, you know, you like celebrity bits 'n' pieces. Then by all means, keep reading! This time, it's Nicki Minaj and her boobs. While shooting a video in an incredibly low-cut bathing suit, Minaj's breasts, unsurprisingly, decided to pop out and say hello. And, you know, the whole "accident" managed to make its way into a behind-the-scenes video, so yeah. Don't think Nickers cares all that much. 

Check it out:


I think Nicki's a lovely girl with an insane body, but I've gotta be honest here: I'm kind of over the whole slits-up-to-here and tops cut down-to-there trend. It isn't that I'm a prude about risque clothing, it's just -- it's gotten boring.

I feel like we see the same types of clothing on starlets constantly. It's old news at this point. And they practically always wind up with a wardrobe malfunction.

I'm hoping Spring 2013 brings us a little more clothing; a little more coverage -- skirts that are a bit longer; tops that aren't so exposing. And, you know, a celebrity who's willing to wear that type of stuff. That would be cool. Ya feel me?

Do you like low-cut tops and short skirts?


Image via grizzleemusic/YouTube

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