What to Wear to a High School Reunion

what to wear to a high school reunion

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High school reunions...did you go to yours? I went to my 10 year reunion quite a few years back and I remember I wore a red dress, which is funny because I never was a big fan of red. It was a sassy number and maybe a bit too much considering some people were not that dressed up at all. If I had to do it all again (which I may since the next one is coming up), I would go for something a little more understated. That's what Cafe Suzanne did when she recently went to hers.

A lot of CafeMoms are buzzing about what to wear to a high school reunion -- what would you or did you wear?


When Marybeth was thinking of what to wear to her husband's reunion, she thought a cute turquoise and black top with jeans, high heels, and some cute jewelry was a good way to go -- not too over-dressed, but still stylish.

An anonymous CafeMom asked if they were "wow" knock-out jeans. We all know the difference between cool jeans and mom jeans. But she also suggested to go with black pants or a knee-length black skirt instead. She said, "classy and contemporary will beat young and trendy every time." Great point!

I really loved pupmom's response to another question on what to wear to a reunion. She said, "Never reveal too much about yourself or your life. Keep them in suspense." I like the way she thinks. I think we can also add that we shouldn't reveal too much skin either!

Here are some more style tips:

  • The first thing you have to put on is confidence.
  • Be yourself and highlight the best of you. This goes for style and substance. Have great legs but hate your middle? Wear a knee-length loose fitting dress with cute heels. Dress in what looks and feels best on you.
  • Hate dresses? Don't wear one. Wear a dressy pair of jeans with a fancy top and dress shoes.
  • Can't walk in heels? There are a lot of really cute flats that are just as dressy and stylish. Old Navy has some really cute flats for $10!

Where to buy looks above:

 What's your advice on what to wear to a high school reunion?

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