Gwyneth Paltrow's 'Self' Magazine Cover Makes It Look Like She's Had a Lot of Work Done

Gwyneth PaltrowStop the madness! The current issue of Self magazine purports to have Gwyneth Paltrow on its cover, but to me it looks more like a wax museum statue of the actress/singer/Goopy expert. Will we ever stop getting these crazily airbrushed versions of already beautiful people? EVER?

I just hate, hate, hate the message that the Self cover (and so many covers like it) sends. Paltrow is a gorgeous woman (however annoying you may find the Goopster, you have to admit she’s purty) who is in incredible shape. And they STILL have to Photoshop her almost beyond recognition. What does that say for the rest of us? 


Check out this shot of Gwyneth for a comparison. Yes, folks, in reality, her face is actually not perfectly smooth like a freaky Barbie doll's or a plastic surgery patient's ... and that’s okay! Sigh. What’s wrong with showing a few crows' feet or tiny wrinkles? NOTHING, that’s what. I mean, I know Gwyneth probably doesn't have many, but she must have SOME imperfections. How exciting it would be to see the cover of a magazine geared toward young women, with a celebrity over 30 who looks exactly her age, but beautiful all the same? Very. Exciting.

I am so curious to know if Gwyneth had a sort of approval rights over the cover. Did she actually look at it and say, “Yes! That’s me! Looks great!” and sign off? Or maybe she didn't -- but someone at Self sure did.

Do you think Gwyneth Paltrow is way too airbrushed here?


Image via Self magazine

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