vanessa hudgensSky diver Inmate Actress Vanessa Hudgens made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel recently to promote her new film Spring Breakers, and boob alert! The star was precariously close to a wardrobe malfunction! The strapless orange jumpsuit VHudg wore showed a lot of cleavage, and, well, there are some pretty risque photos of her on the Intrawebs right now. A word of advice: When you're lucky enough to be so well-endowed, Vanessa, you may want to consider wearing something a little less low cut. Up to you.

But, see, that's not the biggest problem with this outfit.

My personal issue with Vanessa's get-up isn't the crazy cleav spilling out into the ethers, it's the sweatshirt she chose to wear over the orange jumpsuit. Guys, a sweatshirt over a dressy outfit is never a good look. Sorry, it just isn't. Even if it's really cold out (which it wasn't, Kimmel's shot in LA), and even if the sweatshirt is a nod to the show on which you're appearing, it truly is one of the all-time worst looks.

Some other options? Oh, I don't know, a shawl, a leather jacket, a Snuggie, a curtain you ripped down from your dressing room -- anything but a sweatshirt. Sweatshirts are for walking the dog; running errands; gardening; sleeping; sweeping. They're not for complementing a fancy outfit that probably costs more than I make in a month.

Hudg, we'll give you a pass this time, but we swear -- if we catch you in a sweatshirt and a dressy outfit one more time ... we're going to write about it again.

Sweatshirts and dress clothes together: Thoughts?


Image via Splash