Vanessa Hudgens Has Near Wardrobe Malfunction in Shockingly Low-Cut Outfit (PHOTO)

vanessa hudgensSky diver Inmate Actress Vanessa Hudgens made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel recently to promote her new film Spring Breakers, and boob alert! The star was precariously close to a wardrobe malfunction! The strapless orange jumpsuit VHudg wore showed a lot of cleavage, and, well, there are some pretty risque photos of her on the Intrawebs right now. A word of advice: When you're lucky enough to be so well-endowed, Vanessa, you may want to consider wearing something a little less low cut. Up to you.

But, see, that's not the biggest problem with this outfit.


My personal issue with Vanessa's get-up isn't the crazy cleav spilling out into the ethers, it's the sweatshirt she chose to wear over the orange jumpsuit. Guys, a sweatshirt over a dressy outfit is never a good look. Sorry, it just isn't. Even if it's really cold out (which it wasn't, Kimmel's shot in LA), and even if the sweatshirt is a nod to the show on which you're appearing, it truly is one of the all-time worst looks.

Some other options? Oh, I don't know, a shawl, a leather jacket, a Snuggie, a curtain you ripped down from your dressing room -- anything but a sweatshirt. Sweatshirts are for walking the dog; running errands; gardening; sleeping; sweeping. They're not for complementing a fancy outfit that probably costs more than I make in a month.

Hudg, we'll give you a pass this time, but we swear -- if we catch you in a sweatshirt and a dressy outfit one more time ... we're going to write about it again.

Sweatshirts and dress clothes together: Thoughts?


Image via Splash

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