Bradley Cooper Wears Pink Curlers & It’s Not Pretty

pink rollersBradley Cooper's got a great head of hair, don't you think? I mean, he's got great lots of things, obviously. But his hair is just that right combination of thick, wavy but not ramen noodles, able to be moussed up or tousled down. I like it long or short. But what are we to make of this -- Bradley Cooper in hair rollers?!?

Yes, photos have surfaced of Bradley Cooper's handsome head arrayed in granny curlers, like a 1950s hair salon ad traveled through space and attacked his hair. America, why are we letting this happen to Bradley? Oh, I have so many feelings about this photograph.


But let's talk about why. What is going on here? Bradley is in Boston filming a new David O. Russell film -- for which he got a perm! My first guess was that it's a horror film in which a handsome man metamorphosizes into Little Orphan Annie. But it's actually about Abscam, the real-life 1970s FBI that led to the conviction of U.S. congressmen. That's a bummer for Bradley. For Ben Affleck, 1970s historic drama meant growing a sexy, luscious beard.

Anyway, Us Weekly has the perfect photo of Brad a la curlers, and if you hover over the picture, you can see close-ups. Not that you want to see that roller action in such detail. I'm just saying, a person could do that if she wanted to.

I guess the "movie" he's in is the official explanation. I'm not sure I'll want to see the result of those rollers on his hair. Or I wasn't, until I heard Bradley is dating a 20-year-old model after saying Jennifer Lawrence was "too young" for him to date. (I guess you have to be Bradley's age to find that irritating -- and to find 20-year-olds irritating, for that matter.) Now? In my imaginary world, Bradley's rollers and perm are punishment for doing that skeevy, predictable Hollywood act of dating someone young enough to be his daughter. I don't care if it's totally illogical, that's how I'm seeing it.

How do you think Bradley Cooper will look after he takes out all those curlers?


Image via Vermont Country Store

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