7 Ways to De-Stress in 10 Minutes or Less -- Even if You’re With the Kids!

woman drinking coffee

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We could all use a little “me time” to regroup, but it’s not always easy to steal a few minutes to recharge during the day. To the rescue are these quick and easy ways to give yourself a little pick-me-up, even if the kids are around. 


1. Savor your favorite drink. Brew up a cup of coffee or tea, or make some hot cocoa. Need a more refreshing option? Jazz up iced water or seltzer with cucumber or citrus slices or some crushed berries. Or if the kids are in bed, unwind with a glass of wine or homemade cocktail.

2. Make yourself gorgeous and turn back the clock. Kids are distracted by their favorite TV show? Then it’s time to give yourself a mini facial -- make a homemade skin scrub by combining brown sugar and olive or coconut oil until a paste forms, then rub gently on your face and rinse off. Next apply a luxurious eye cream -- like Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream & Lash Serum Duo -- to nourish the skin around your eyes and give your whole face a youthful boost! And now for new Soap.com customers, you can save 20 percent off your first order (enter code CAFEMOM1 at checkout). 

3. Have a dance party! Grab the kids, put on your favorite high-energy song, and just LET LOOSE! You’ll blow off some steam and even burn a few calories, too.

4. Go for a walk. A little fresh air and sunshine can go a long way toward improving your mood. Either push the stroller or take a quick solo stroll if you’re alone.

5. Do a little online window shopping. There’s no budget to worry about when you’re just browsing, so take a few minutes and check out anything you want. High-end home décor, fancy shoes, gourmet ingredients -- wherever your daydreams like to wander.

6. Meditate. Here’s one to try while your little ones are asleep (or out of the house). You don’t need any formal training: Simply sit or lie down in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and breathe slowly and deeply. If you feel your mind wandering and getting distracted, count as you breathe in and out to refocus. 

7. Pick up some crayons and color. Set up shop at your child’s craft table and sketch out a pleasant scene (tropical island, anyone?) or just doodle some geometric shapes. Write your name and embellish it with swirls, loops and dots.

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What’s your favorite way to de-stress or relax at home?


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