Katie Holmes' Topless Magazine Cover Shows She's Totally Over Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes AllureWow. I mean, WOW. If you haven't seen Katie Holmes' new photos in Allure magazine, you're really missing out on something special. And no, I'm not calling her Allure cover shoot special because she happens to be topless (though you really can't see much of anything) in the pictures.

Nope, these shots are special because Katie Holmes finally looks like (wait for it) Katie Holmes again -- the Katie Holmes we all knew and loved during her Dawson's Creek days. You know, before she was abducted by married Tom Cruise and subsequently lost her identity.


Just look at her -- doesn't she practically glow on this cover? Yes, I know she's had a whole crew of hair and makeup people and this is a magazine cover and all, but still. Katie looks really, really amazing -- and it's highly obvious that she knows she looks good.

And you know what else? She probably looks great because she feels great. Take another look at her photo -- what do you see? The first thing that pops into my mind is pure confidence. Feeling comfortable in your own skin isn't something that can be easily faked. If you're not confident about who you are, it's written all over your face. You look washed out, tired, and timid -- which is the opposite of how Katie appears on the Allure cover.

In addition to being confident, Katie also just looks happy, plain and simple. And happy is something she most definitely didn't look during the last couple of years or so. If you aren't truly content, it tends to take its toll on your beauty.

And based on how her split from Tom initially affected her appearance, Katie wasn't in good spirits immediately after they parted ways. It has taken her some time to get over the divorce and start to come into her own again, but she's definitely moved on from Tom now. It's like she's had new life breathed into her again, which has made her even more gorgeous and youthful looking than ever. Every time we see her, she looks even more radiant than the last time, and so on and so forth.

And you know her gorgeous looks are making Tom even crazier than he already is right now. (If that's even possible.)

Do you think this is the best Katie has ever looked?


Image via Tom Munro for Allure

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