Lindsay Lohan Doesn't Wear Pants to Court, Receives Appropriate Sentence (PHOTO)

lindsay lohanLindsay Lohan almost didn't show up for court today. After missing her flight from New York to Los Angeles, she was in danger of being a no-show in front of the judge who's responsible for figuring out her business of lying to cops, drunk driving, and violating probation. The good news is that Linds was only 48 minutes late. The bad news is she forgot to wear pants.


Because, no, I refuse to call those sheer panels over her legs "pants."

Lindsay's had some questionable courtroom style before from her "F&ck You" nails to her sexy white dress to her overly done makeup, but this bizarre pantsuit definitely takes the cake. It's just, what is that thing?

If Lindsay isn't put behind bars for her alleged crimes against society, she should be locked up for her obvious crimes against fashion. Also, if this outfit isn't evidence that her mental state isn't exactly stable at this point, I don't know what is.

Welp! This just in -- Lindsay accepted a plea deal that will force her into a 90-day locked-down rehab program. Perhaps some time away and some perspective might help her, but then again, she comes from a long line of idiots -- just after the sentencing, her father Michael Lohan got in a fight with her lawyer outside the courthouse. A sheriff's deputy had to separate the two. Classic.

Makes the story of Lindsay's pants almost seem meaningless. Almost.

Thoughts on this outfit?


Photo via Pacific Coast News

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