Gift Guide: Jewelry Junkie


Photo from Wendy Mink

Wondering what to buy for the Jewelry Junkie in your life? She's the lady who loves to accessorize with baubles and bangles, but she already has so many gems you don't know what to get her. I've found some super unique pieces that she'll love.


Product: Wendy Mink Peruvian Opal Half Hoops

Cost: $34

Where to Buy: Wendy Mink Jewelry

Extras: These earrings are 22K gold with semi-precious opals that dangle 1 1/2 inches from your ear.

Why I Love It: There is something serene about the color and delicate feel of these earrings, plus they go with just about everything.

love is necklace

Photo from Fred Flare

Product: "Love Is" Necklace

Cost: $10

Where to Buy: Fred Flare

Extras: Set on wood, this vintage print makes a super cute necklace. Misha Barton has one, too!

Why I Love It: I used to clip and collect the "love is" from the newspaper when I was younger...there's something so sweet and girly about this charm and you can't beat the price (or the sentiment).

mini pomander necklace

Photo from L'Occitane

Product: Golden Branch Mini Pomander

Cost: $20

Where to Buy: L'Occitane

Extras: It's a necklace that carries a scent inside! Popular in medieval times, a pomander was worn to give magical powers to the wearer.

Why I Love It: It's a bold pendant with a floral pattern that can even dress up a t-shirt. Carry a scent in it and you can hang it on a door knob or keep in a lingerie drawer when you aren't wearing it, so the fragrance stays around.

sweater bracelet

Photo from Old Navy

Product: Cable Knit Sweater Bracelets

Cost: $3.50 - $5.50 (on sale at press time)

Where to Buy: Old Navy

Extras: Soft and cozy on the arm -- for women of all ages...great for stocking stuffers, too.

Why I Love It: You know how when it's cold, your jewelry gets cold, too? That won't happen with these sweater bangles! Mix and match a few colors for the perfect gift.

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