Kate Middleton Trips in High Heels & Needs to Try This Shoe Trick (PHOTO)

kate middletonKate Middleton nearly toppled over yesterday while attending a St. Patrick's Day parade in England. The Duchess, who's almost six months pregnant, got her heel stuck in a grate on the street, and had to grab on to Prince William while she tried to unawkwardly untangle things. She lived through the ordeal, but I think the incident settles a long-debated hot button issue once and for all: Wedges > High heels.

Even though my high heel wearing is basically relegated to weddings, I admit: I do love a high heel. It's one of the sexiest, albeit uncomfortable, forms of footwear out there. And it can make any woman look like she has legs for days. But a wedge! Oh, a wedge! A wedge rarely is the cause of a topple, and I'll be damned if they're not 734 times more pleasant to wear than a standard heel. (Especially when pregnant!)

Do I suspect Duchess Catherine will quit wearing heels after this almost accident? That would be a negatory. They really do go quite well with everything she wears, and let's face it -- the woman loves her high heels. But may I suggest opting for a platform wedge once in a while, Kate? Not all the time, but on occasion. And if you don't feel comfortable investing in a pair of your own, I have a lovely pair of Steve Maddens I'd be willing to part with for a bit. Call me.

Heels or wedges?

Image via Ben Pruchnie/Getty

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Mason... MasonsMom503

Try this shoe trick? So where's the trick?

Dianne Olson

I pick flats. I really don't like a chunky wedge shoe and I hate high high heels I feel like I am falling over and especially NOT chasing  a 4 year old.


JezeB... JezeBellyDancer

Heels are horrible to wear when you are pregnant. You may be able to wear them when you are young but the extra weight of pregnancy added to wearing high heels and your ankles and knees will pay the price in later years.

Plus, who wants to fall any time, let alone when you are pregnant?

I used to dance in heels and by my 30s I had the knees of an 80 yr old. Now I have to baby them and can't wear heels at all. All of my flat shoes have to have extra cushioning, especially if I am doing any kind of standing or walking.

tuffy... tuffymama

I serious doubt she's flitting about the palace in high heels, Jeze. Regardless of what we may think of royalty, being a Duchess is her career now and she has to wear certain things as a kind of uniform. Even the Queen Mother wore little kitten heels and she was 9000 years old when she passed.

I like those clear thingies that snap over heels for walking in grass. I wonder if there is a brand that would work on sidewalk cracks and grates?

Tal0n Tal0n

You couldn't pay me to wear heels during a pregnancy.

No sirree.

Annab... AnnabellesMom

"The wedge rarely is the cause of a topple." What wedges are u wearing?!?! Everyone I know has fallen in wedges simply because a pebble can cause u to turn your foot! In fact: the last time I worre wedges, I dislocated my shoulder! No thank u!!! I have been wearing heals for 20 years & can't seem to walk upright without them. My heels are not going anywhere :)

Annab... AnnabellesMom

PS - I wore heals the entire 9 months of all 3 of my pregnancies & never took a single spill!

nonmember avatar Bishara

Heels during pregnancy no way!??

nonmember avatar Bishara

Heels during pregnancy no way!??

squir... squirrelml

wouldnt that be on the dangerous side to fall in heels when your pregnant?

I like my flat shoes,maybe with alittle wedge.But remember this ladies the longer you wear those heals,somewhere down the road your going to have either knee or hip problems.

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