7 Sexy Spring Shoes That Are Worth All the Pain (PHOTOS)

Neon “Sally” Boutique 9 pointy toe platform pumpSo the beauty confession of last week was that Sarah Jessica Parker's high heel habit has deformed her feet. However! That news does not deter me from my love of gorgeous shoes, even though they are often painful and might one day cause me to grow extra bones in weird places as Parker says happened to her (ouch!).

So now that spring is springing, I’m looking lustfully at all the pretty, impractical footwear out there that's almost but not quite as impractical as the world's most uncomfortable shoes. After all, it's just about time to burn my winter boots in a bonfire. And here's my own little confession -- don't judge me! -- I'm TOTALLY into TOMS cute new wedges.

Here are 7 pairs of spring and summer heels that I’m ogling, because even though most of my warm-weather moments will be spent in flip-flops, it’s good to have something sexy for those occasions where you don't have to actually walk!

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Freela Freela

Some of those are cute! I must be getting old, but I have to say that I'm at the point where no amount of cute is worth hurting my feet/knees over anymore. It's flats for me... and I'm super short and everything! But after injuring my knee early the new year and taking a couple of months to get back to normal and finding that heels made the pain so much worse and the recovery so much longer, I think I'm finally over them!

Leiss... Leissaintexas

I don't know a single mom who cares so much about  shoes that she would forgo comfort, or would actually pay some of those prices for shoes. Sorry, but mot of those were just ugly. Seriously nasty-looking.

heave... heavenlybliss19

I wear stiletto boots and heels.  Those shoes above don't hurt, trust me.

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