Kim Kardashian Redid Her Marriage Proposal Because Her Face Didn’t Look Cute Enough

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kim kardashianIt's not as though I watched the Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries romance and thought, "This is the most sincere couple ever." I mean, everyone knows that the Karashians are all about about appearances. But Kim has taken her image obsession to a whole new level. The latest revelation about the reailty star's vanity will shock even the most diehard Kardash fans. reports that during deposition taken for the divorce trial, Keeping Up With the Kardashians producer Russell Jay said that they had to re-shoot the Kim/Kris Humphries proposal twice because the reality star did not like the way her faced looked. Apparently, she didn't look cute enough. Seriously? Talk about ruining what should have been the most romantic moment you've every had.

So basically, the supposed love of her life pops the question and she presses the pause button to check her face. Does that mean she made the cameraman re-roll tape? Talk about narcissistic! But as ridiculous as I imagine that whole scenario sounds, I totally get it. You have to admit, we all want to look our absolute best during the biggest moments in our lives. And for those times we totally put out foot in our mouths, it would be nice to have a do-ver. Problem is, for most of us, we don't have the luxury of double checking our mascara in the heat of the moment. Or having a makeup artist on hand to take away that forehead shine. Or a lighting guy to give us that ethereal glow. No. Most of us just look however we are going to look and say what we say.

Given the option, I bet a lot of women would opt for that always camera ready Kardashian pout. There are times I look back at the photo taken the summer's night I got engaged and I think, "Dear God, why didn't I have some blot powder in my purse??!!" Though, not sure I would really want to change anything. There is something perfect about how imperfect that night was. I had no idea what was coming. My surprise was genuine and the silly things that happened are a great, laughable part of the memory. That would make the whole thing so contrived, so unnatural. Ultimately, who wants to have one of the greatest days of their life be anything but real? 

If you could, would you do-over major events so you could fix your appearance?

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nonmember avatar bjd

Uck. She's disgusting. And what with all the work she's now had done, looks almost exactly like Octomom! Ugh.....

linzemae linzemae

Is anyone surprised? Everything is staged in her life

Baila Banson

While, in any event, the currently chunkier Kim last night did what any heavier-set Hollywood icon would do, she girdled the hell out of her undercarriage, slapped on a dress..

Victoria DeLuca Bowley

For me, I was proposed to as i walked out of my bathroom in a towel holding cloths with a towel in my hair.  Oh BTW my whole family was there and my dad video taped it.  So I get it, if I could have redone it, I would have. All the people on here look for any reason to talk crap about KK.  Guess what, this actually helps her case, because it shows that HE proposed to her beause HE wanted to.  He surprised HEr with it.  So not for ratings.  TRY AGAIN!

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