Jennie Garth Spotted Applying Her Own Hair Extensions

jenny garthI feel you, Jennie Garth! The woman who will forever be "Kelly from 90210" to me (Kelly + Dylan 4EVER!) was spotted applying her OWN hair extensions with a pair of pliers at a salon this week. Stars ... they really are just like us, aren't they?

Well, you learn something new every day, right? I had no idea pliers were involved in the application of hair extensions. The whole operation looks very painful and alarming, though I’m sure it’s totally worth it. But I have to say I completely understand Garth’s motivation for taking her hair into her own hands ...


Sheer desperation! I dread getting my own hair done because it takes FOREVER, and I merely get a few highlights. I have on more than one occasion eyed those foils, wondering if I could just grab a handful and start slapping them on myself. I can only imagine how long it takes to actually glue strands of hair to your head so it looks realistic. A girl can only check Facebook on her iPhone for so long, right Jennie?

At one point Jennie wielded the pliers while a stylist worked on another part of her head; later on she was spotted in the familiar pose of staring down at her phone while two hairdressers worked their fake hair magic. Two, I say, two at once! This whole thrilling episode took place in a "rather run-of-the-mill" salon (according to the Daily Mail, which I find hilar), with one of Garth's daughters keeping her company, probably so she didn’t keel over from boredom.

No word yet on how the extensions turned out -- I’m sure they look fab on the 40-year-old, who always looks gorgeous to me, with or without her recent 30-pound weight loss.  And can I just say that while I would probably (definitely) love to be a famous actress, I’m so super glad that no creepy photographers are immortalizing my every unflattering self-beautifying maneuver. I can just see the headlines now: April Hussar spotted inspecting her OWN pores in her rear-view mirror!

Do you love going to get your hair done or think of it as a boring but necessary evil?


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