Confessions of a Curvy Mom: Mama June Gives the Best Beauty Advice

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june shannonThere is not much I share in common with Here Comes Honey Boo Boo matriarch June Shannon. At least, that is what I thought before yesterday. I came across an interview that completely changed my perspective on the reality TV mom.

This "a-ha" moment had nothing to do with how much she loves her family (anyone who has watched the show once knows this -- even if you can't imagine bonding with your brood over farting games the way June does). Or her incredibly loving relationship with Sugar Bear. It's both strange and sweet to hear her call him "Smexy." No. What really touched a chord with me was how Mama June felt about herself. There actually is a lesson here for every woman -- curvy or not.

During a recent Facebook chat with fans, June was asked if she had any tips to help someone feel extra beautimous? Her reply:

You don't have to do a lot of makeup or whatever. Just take care of yourself, take pride in how you look. There are some days I look homely like hell, but beautimous comes within yourself and if you're happy with yourself, that's all that matters.

I have to say, I don't think she could have answered that more perfectly. A lot of stars would have used that chance to plug some product or tout some ridiculous beauty regimen most of us in the real world could never follow. But this was a very sincere, honest answer every woman can relate to.

I would even go as far as to say this should be our universal beauty motto. It's certainly something to strive for. So often, we look at pictures of celebs or photos of models in magazines and feel pressure to emulate what we see. That perfect ombre hair coloring, fitting into those impossibly tight skinny jeans, getting that smokey eye absolutely perfect. And when we can't meet that ideal, we end up feeling worse than when we started trying. It's ridiculous but true.

What if we could do what Mama June suggests and have a simpler goal -- take care of ourselves and look for confidence to come from within? It sounds idealistic, I know, but she is a shining example of this. Most people would probably say there is nothing about her appearance they would want to mimic. Her looks have even been mercilessly heckled by comedians and other television personalities. Still, she doesn't let it faze her. June is still as confident, sassy, and self-assured as ever. Even more impressive -- she is teaching her four girls to be the same way. You couldn't shake Honey Boo Boo's confidence with a battering ram. Can you say that about yourself? I wish I was that strong. Don't you?

Are you inspired by Mama June's advice?


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linzemae linzemae

She owns who she is! I wish more people were like that

nonmember avatar Stella

Confidence is a wonderful thing, but unfortunately for all of us, how you feel about yourself is NOT all that matters. When she dies of a heart attack at 45 years old, will she be saying that? Probably not.

frogg... froggyt11

That woman has the iq of a potato! How is she on tv?

Amy Sykes

June is way cooler and smarter then anyone credits her for. She is a good person, and I think that many people in this world could learn a few lessons from her.

nonmember avatar SueBradley

@Amy, how in the world can an intelligent person actually say that this woman is smart? No, there's nothing anyone can learn from her, other than how to be unhealthy and make yourself look like a fool.

craft... craftycatVT

I like her, but I do wish she take better care of herself so she can stick around to see her girls grow up.

Katy Khan

Sorry but she grosses me out and after watching an SNL skit about her selling 'neck gravy'....ew ew ew ew I.Just.Cant.Look at her. Anddd she's killing herself and her whole family, it's shameful. And for the love of GOD 'beautimus' is NOt a word and she has to know that. 

Wanda Mckenzie

Any woman who teaches her little girls to burp ,fart,and smell each othrs breath to identify who they are a famiy game,,  unfit to be giving advice on human behaviors .

Katy Khan

Also, your title "Confessions of a curvy mom"...was like a horrid attempt at shock and awe. When we say 'curvy' woman, we think of a woman who is sensual and proud of her curves...not a morbidly obese butter chugging pig. Sorry, she's nice, I know, I get it, but come on.

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