Kim Kardashian Has 'Pregnancy Lips' but Are They for Real? (VIDEO)

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Kim KardashianKim Kardashian's body is no doubt growing larger with her pregnancy, which is, of course, to be expected. But one part of her that I began to notice about a week ago was getting unexpectedly larger was her lips. I wondered if she'd had fillers injected into them, which would seem a somewhat odd thing to do while pregnant. Plus, Kim has ripe fig lips anyway. She doesn't need fillers. But how to explain those lips? They definitely look bigger as you can see on a video she posted. They don't just look "bigger" -- they have that distinct filler look, getting dangerously close to the "trout pout" look of celebs like Nicole Kidman and Meg Ryan and the casts of all of the Real Housewives shows. So did Kim have her lips done? Or is it ... pregnancy lips?!

Researching whether lips can become swollen during pregnancy, I didn't find any scientific answers, but there's plenty of anecdotal evidence that this can happen. Wrote one woman on a pregnancy blog:

I am 32 weeks and the last couple days I have noticed my lips feel bigger than they usually are. My DH says he doesn't really notice it, but I definitely can feel a difference, especially in the top one. I'm not noticing much swelling or puffiness anywhere else in my face. Just my lips. I'm wondering if this is pregnancy related? Hormones? It's to the point where I'm more comfortable breathing with my mouth open because I feel like my lips get in the way!

After one woman on another blog mentioned her "pregnancy lips," someone responded:

My lips have definitely gotten fuller. I have always had full lips but they are out of control now. Not good like Angelina Jolie, more like Meg Ryan after her botched botox!

In fact, Jessica Simpson herself reported that her lips swelled during her first pregnancy. She tweeted a picture of her plump pout -- which looked distinctly like Restylane had been pumped into it -- and said:

Woke up looking like the lip injection fairy visited me in the night! Is this how pregnancy face begins?! Yikes!

Sooooo ... let's give Kim a break here. It's quite possible she got her new lips from nature, not the plastic surgeon.

Did you have pregnancy lips?

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Kourtney Drake

She getting plastic surgery while preggers That a new low

nonmember avatar janice

My sister said she knew i was pregnant before i said anything because of my lips..... Very weird but true. I hadnt even noticed it myself

nonmember avatar D

She almost looks a little like Octomom....

Deborah TruthfulMommy Cruz

I had pregnancy lipe. People kept asking me if I had my lips done and of course, I had not. It was all just hormones. When I was pregnant with my first child, my lips , butt, hips and boobs all looked fuller. It was like nature was turning me into Jessica Rabbit:)LOL

Kristi Soward Hilmoe

Mucous membranes can swell when pregnant, like those inside your nose causing a congested feeling, so there is no reason to believe those inside your mouth wouldn't swell as well. It's possible that this isnt actual news, just a pregnancy symptom.

CJsMo... CJsMommy2006

That is true Kristi.  That's why a lot of pregnant women, including myself, suffer from stuffy noses even when they are not sick.  I've even woke up with swollen eyes, looking like I had been crying all night.

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