Halle Berry's Breast-Baring Dress Distracts Jay Leno & It's Hilarious (VIDEO)

halle berryHalle Berry wore a va-va-voom dress on Jay Leno the other night, and the talk show host, who's apparently never seen boobs before, had trouble keeping his eyes aligned with Halle's. A good chunk of the conversation between Jay and Halle was about the actress' clothing, and, okay, fine, I have to admit it: If I were standing in front of Halle, I'd have trouble not staring and ogling, too. This is some crazy cleavage!


The dress, which was designed by Reem Acra, had a plunging-to-the-belly neckline that pretty much made it impossible not to stare. Halle, not surprisingly, looked stunning, but yeah, her boobs were like, "What up!"

I'm not a big fan of cleavage for myself. Mostly because I'm not the most bustiest lady you'll ever meet, but also because I just don't feel comfortable like that. But if you are going to go balls-to-the-wall cleavage with a shirt or dress, a few good things to remember are:

Don't show a lot of other skin. A little mystique is a good thing. If you're wearing a low-cut top, no need to pair it with short shorts.

Little to no jewelry. Let the cleavage speak for itself. No need to adorn it with necklaces and rare gems and whatnot. It is the pièce de résistance -- accessories not required. 

Wear it with confidence. If you're going to feel awkward and timid in a low-plunging top, best to just eschew. Nothing says "unsexy" more than a person who feels uncomfortable in what they're wearing.

Halle? She didn't seem too uncomfortable in what she was wearing. Check her out:

Image via NBC

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