Anne Hathaway Goes Makeup Free & Exposes Her 'Dark' Secret (PHOTO)

anne hathawayStop what you're doing: Anne Hathaway has zits. The Academy Award winning actress was photographed getting an early morning coffee with her husband Adam Shulman in New York yesterday, and holy breakouts, Anne's chin was spattered with pimples.


She's the second big star in the last few days to be spotted bare-faced and makeup-free, the first being Pippa Middleton. And yes, Pippa counts as a big star. Tell me you're not interested in her every move and I'll call you a liar.

So let's round Pippa and Anne up and force them to see a dermatologist, slather cover-up on their faces, line their brows, eyes, and lips, and make them look perfect all the time -- I mean, they're celebrities, goddammit!

They're not allowed to show us they're human, that their skin isn't flawless, that they, too, enjoy a bottle of white, then fall asleep with a slice of cheese pizza resting delicately and delightfully across their lips and chins, only to wake around 4 a.m. to take a bite out of it, then move it with a single swipe of the hand to the top of the pillow on the floor next to the nightstand. They've gotta be perfect and look perfect all the time.

So since Annie's got some zitties, LET'S SUE HER.



Photo via Pacific Coast News

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