9 Amazing Beauty Tricks That Will Save You Time AND Money

putting on makeupWhen did being a woman become so expensive? Even the basic beauty routine can put a hurting on the pocketbook these days, and if you've got an addiction to something like nail polish (guiltily raises her hands), you might as well just tell the accounting department to divert a chunk of your paycheck to the local beauty store.

Unless, that is, you are a devotee of the beauty hack? I'm talking about the little tricks that help you cut corners -- and costs!


Every woman I know seems to have at least one or two tricks up her sleeve, and when I shared 10 of my favorite beauty hacks last year here on The Stir, I heard that I missed some of the best!

So here you, nine more beauty hacks we've gathered from women who swear they work ... and swear they will save you time and money on your beauty routine.

Which are your favorites?


Image via MLavareski/Flickr

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