Judgy Mom Moment: You Should Shower Every Day

showerI am a firm believer in showering at least once a day. And there are some days I indulge in two sessions under that warm, wonderful, relaxing stream of water. Though bringing home a newborn can throw that luxury out the window. Most new moms barely have the time or energy to even brush their hair. But as soon as I got my son into a routine, my ritual was back in play. So it mystifies me that some moms don't bathe every day.


It's not just about being clean. It's about feeling renewed and refreshed. My night usually goes the same way -- I get in from work, spend time with my son, put him to bed, and then hop in the shower before I do more work (if there is no way I can put it off until the morning) or watch a favorite show. Sometimes it's a quickie and other times I spend 15 to 20 minutes really relaxing in there. I will pop my iPod into the portable speakers, lather on a great-smelling body wash, shave, exfoliate, or just stand there and let the water massage my skin.

I know life can be hectic for moms even when our kids are older. But I can't imagine not making time for a shower. Even three to five minutes can do wonders for you. It's such a simple way to pamper yourself. But of course, there are practical reasons too. After a long day out and about in New York City, I just want to wash that grime away. I like being fresh and clean when I bury myself beneath my blankets. So it's unfathomable to me not to shower for a day or two or three. I personally would feel too icky. Honestly, my son is the same way too. He actually asks for a bath every night, whining that he doesn't want to go to bed dirty. Hey, I can relate.

But to each her own. Some moms are so harried, so overloaded with things to do for the house and kids, it's just not a part of everyday life. For them, to shower a couple times a week works. And there are plenty of people who just take what my grandmother calls bird baths -- meaning just washing up using water from the sink. Again, whatever helps you get through your day. But for me, even a minute or two under the shower stream is a must. It really does help me recharge.

How often do you feel the need to shower?


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