Britney Spears Flashes Her Bare Bottom at Sons’ Soccer Game & Wins Most Embarrassing Mom

britney spearsBritney Spears showed up for sons Jayden and Sean's soccer games over the weekend. She remembered to bring water ... but she forgot her pants! She showed up in some long, flowy white t-shirt thing and a pair of Uggs, and a lilting breeze took up her skirt and flashed her bare bottom for all the little soccer players to see. One particularly bad photo shows both butt cheeks exposed right in front of her sons. And that makes her this week's Most! Embarrassing! Mom!

Poor Britney, always leaving BEHIND something important. I can relate. I've left my home without my keys, my wallet, my phone. Happens to busy moms all the time. But I can say with 100 percent certainty, I have never left home without my pants. Thankfully, Britney eventually realized she was missing something very important.


You can tell, because later that afternoon she changed into a pair of yoga pants. Was it that gentle breeze blowing across her ass, or was it when she sat down and felt just a leeetle too intimate with the grass? One can only wonder. But thank God she was paying attention to those important signs. Because if you think those bare bottom photos are embarrassing, can you imagine trying to kick a field goal, looking over, and seeing your seated mother flashing everyone her love tunnel?

Here's something I don't understand, though. No pants or (apparently) underwear, but her feet are shod in big, toasty Uggs. So it's warm enough to go commando, but chilly enough to need sheepskin boots? That kind of weather does not exist. What makes her feet so special that they deserve such warmth and comfort, but her behind gets nary a thread?

Oh Britney. Wardrobe malfunctions at awards shows and nightclubs are one thing. But at a kids' soccer game? Your kids are going to ban you from the park.

Have you ever made this mistake with a too-short dress?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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