Arm Shaving Is One More Way Women Torture Themselves in the Name of Beauty

So apparently arm shaving is a thing. Not armpit shaving, but full on arm shaving. Ladies, knock it off, mmmkay? I already spend a ridiculous amount of time shaving, waxing, plucking, coloring, or otherwise removing or changing every hair on my body. Arm hair is the one thing I’ve never even thought to worry about.

And I’m not about to start either. Seriously you guys, please don’t make this a trend. Daily shaving of the legs and pits if I don’t want to be all prickly is bad enough. Arms? Just say no.


Leg shaving didn’t used to be a thing either, and no one complained about that. Well, maybe they did, but societal norms made lady leg hair ok. While I do enjoy smooth legs as much as the next girl, the stubble kinda makes me want to go back in time to find the bitch that started the whole trend and slap some sense into her. What were you thinking, woman??

Arms don’t need to be hairless! Say it with me: Arm hair is normal. Arm hair is to be expected. It is not weird. Be one with the fuzz on your arms and appreciate it as the only hair on your body you don’t have to fuss with. Love your arm hair and refuse to part with it. Do it for our daughters who may not want to mess with it, but fear being called hairy-armed hippies.

So hear my cry, sisters. Let’s vow to leave the arm hair alone, and maybe concentrate that energy and attention into making sure that people do some pedi work before wearing sandals in public. Because gross toenails are a thousand times more important to address than a little arm hair.

Have you ever shaved your arms? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?

Image via Katie Tegtmeyer/Flickr

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