Pippa Middleton Without Makeup Looks Surprisingly Different

pippa middletonPippa Middleton may have become famous for her backside, but it's a different set of cheeks that's making headlines this go-round. The 29-year-old author and party planner had lunch with her mother Carole in London over the weekend and was photographed makeup-free. Pippa's been known to cake on the faux-glow and the eyeliner, but in a white turtleneck sweater and patterned scarf, she looked decidedly fresh-faced for the casual meal. And I gotta say, Pippa without makeup is a sight to behold.


It's just downright refreshing. Who knew that under those layers of fake 'n' bake, Pips was hiding some gorgeous skin? Sure, there are some sun marks and a few spots here and there, but hey, who doesn't have those.

Both Pippa and Kate are a little heavy handed with the eyeliner, so I hope the Duchess takes a page out of Pippa's book here and lightens it up around the peepers. A little goes a long way, ladies.

Without her orange glow and black-rimmed eyes, Pippa looks younger and more vibrant. She was bordering on Jersey Shore territory there for a while, but now it seems the sister of the world's most famous pregnant Duchess is far from being compared to the likes of Snooki or JWoww.

She does, however, look like a much thinner version of Honey Boo Boo's mother, Mama June ... and I don't think that's an insult.

Overall, Pippa looks great au naturel. I much prefer her bare-faced to tanned-faced. Letting your real beauty shine through is clearly never a bad idea.

Do you like Pippa's makeup-free look?


Photo via Danny Martindale/Getty

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