Gwyneth Paltrow Wears Skin-Tight Leather Pants But Is She Too Old?

Gwyneth PaltrowGwyneth Paltrow looks good in pretty much anything -- but even she makes the occasional style faux-pas. Witness her saying she should have worn a bra with her see-through goth gown that she wore to the Oscars a decade ago. I'm really not sure how anyone let her out of the house in that. But you have to hand it to Gwynnie, two kids later and she's still working out like a fiend and eating like a bird, which has allowed her to fit uber-snugly into these skin tight leather pants.

Gwyneth wore them to another Boss Nuit PourFemme event -- she's their spokeswoman. At one of their other events, she wore a skin tight leather dress, and I wasn't a fan. She looks better in this -- she's got long shapely legs and can definitely pull off leather pants. Hey, wasn't there an episode of Friends when Ross couldn't get out of his leather pants?

Anyway, I would have preferred she wear pleather

Gwyneth paired the pants with Nicholas Kirkwood heels and a black sleeveless shirt. My only complaint is her faux-tan -- I think it looks awful. So orangey. And I would have liked to have seen a little bling to offset all of that black. But, hey, who am I to question Le Paltrow's style choices?

And is it me or does she have black fingernails in this photo? If so -- not a fan. Gwyneth, you're a mom now. Stop with the black fingernails. You're 40. Stop with the black fingernails. Just stop. And, just for debate, is there an age where you should stop wearing leather pants? Gwyneth still looks great in them. And what about weight? Should there be a cutoff? Don't freak out, just askin'!

So, other than the black fingernails, I give her a thumbs up ... you?

Do you have leather pants?


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MrsKi... MrsKittyKat

I like the pants, but the top is kinda lame. I guess that makes the pants not look too young for her.

tuffy... tuffymama

She can wear whatever she wants. You aren't paying her bills. I personally wear black nail polish on occasion, and my grandmother does too. I'd LOVE for you to open your sassy mouth to her and tell her she's too old for it. Think and learn before you speak. My grandmother is very glamorous and told me that chic ladies wore burgundy and black nail polish even in the forties. So it is nothing new.

kelti... kelticmom

What the hell do you have against this woman? This is like the 142nd article on here bashing her for some petty reason or another. Smdh.

lobus lobus

She has an amazing body. Why the hell not? If I had that body Id wear whatever the fuck I wanted whatever age I was.

Marnae Marshall

Why do dumbass reports still ask "Is she too old"? What is too old? Does anyone have a timer on their bottoms (I want to say A$$)?

Look. Gwen looks good. She is a paid, working and exercising actress, so she can wear whatever TF.

I am going to be buried in a mini shirt, fish nets and a see throw shirt with an amazing bra to show off the rack. There...

leona24 leona24

Who cares she has a great body and looks awesome. And the black nail polish, what does it matter what color she wears just because she's a mom. That's the dumbest thing I've heard.

lalab... lalaboosh

I have three colors of nail polish: pink, white, and black. When I'm 40 I might have rainbow hair. Wanna tell me I'm too old for that? Pshhh.

Rhonda Lyon

I don't think she's too old to wear that kind of stuff but I don't like those pants at all. They're just ugly.

Lisa Marie Rink

The look is young and it makes her picture look photoshoed but I would not want her body. It seems she has a bean pole figure "no curves". I would prefer to have the happy medium but I prefer her wearing what she has on instead of wearing small pants and a thong showing.  What is even more disgusting is chunky/obese girls wearing Junior clothing :/ now that is something to complain about..

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